Texas Supreme Court Votes to Honor the 127,000 Drive Through Ballots

Texas Supreme Court Votes to Honor the 127,000 Drive Thru Ballots Casted

Texas GOP petitioned Texas Supreme Court to toss over 127,000 ballots casted in drive up voting station.

The overwhelming feeling by American’s is that a Blue Tsunami is coming and Texas is right smack dab in the the middle of it. US President Trump is not only trailing in Texas and the national polls, the GOP party is on the verge of loosing the Senate and double digit seats in the Congress.

The GOP have ramped up their efforts to suppress votes from Democratic counties and states. The major of voter suppression tactics are aimed at minorities and Afro American who are turning out in record numbers in early voting.

“A handful of GOP activists and candidates had asked the state’s highest civil court to rule Harris County’s drive-thru voting locations illegal, and invalidate votes that have already been cast. The challenge has also been filed in federal court.” Said The Texas Tribune

The Texas Supreme court tossed the republican candidates and activist challenge to throw out 127,000 ballots casted through drive thru lanes. An emergency session has been granted to the republican challengers Monday morning with Federal Court Judge.

It would be unconstitutional for a Federal Court Judge to disallow votes casted legally at the request of any party. Democrats have all reasons to be nervous about votes being reject, but the do have president working in their favour.

Texas Supreme Court Votes to Honor the 127,000 Drive Thru Ballots

“Federal courts should tread carefully before altering a state’s elections procedures in the midst of an election,” they told Hanen, appointed to the bench by Republican President George W. Bush in 2002.

“All of us who believe in the core ideals of this country should want more votes counted and more voices heard. The Republican Party needs to return to a place where we win with ideas and persuasion rather than trying to intimidate or silence our fellow citizens.” Joe Straus, Former Republican Speaker of the Texas House

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