ELECTION DAY USA 2020, All Polls Pointing To A Blue Tsunami
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ELECTION DAY USA 2020, All Polls Pointing To A Blue Tsunami

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Will Trump Stay or Will He Go

The election of Donald Trump has brought America to its knees in the eyes of the world. American allies have objectively expressed concerns of the president and his administration and countries ruled by dictators have praised him.

Trump has been a disaster! From the lack of policies on foreign affairs, domestic terrorisms, endorsing white supremacy and flubbing the pandemic, Americans have got the president everyone knew they would be getting but was hoping he would have accepted the challenge of the presidency.

ELECTION DAY USA 2020, All Polls Pointing To A Blue Tsunami

Tens of millions of Americans were conned by Trump in 2016 and are still willing to re-elect him. The US president has gained cult wide status and in the eyes of this faithful worshippers, he can do no wrong. This is why he can be so vulgar, lie with impunity and lead his massive amount of followers in Jonestown style gatherings in the middle of a deadly global pandemic to hear him speak.

Trump is a pathologically, narcissistic man that has the inability to govern a society built on morals, truth and decency. That is why he has gained the respect and admiration of millions of sycophants’.

Trump has vowed not to go peacefully into the night if he looses the election. He has also vowed not to concede the election and will ensure the results of the presidency is determined by the courts. The president is pinning his hopes on a close election and believes he can win a decision in a 6-3 conservative Supreme Court.

Unfortunately for the President, former Vice-President Biden has held a double digital lead nationally for months and all trends are point to a Blue Tsunami on election day. If the polls hold up as predicted, Trump has no shot at a Supreme Court hearing and will be removed from the Oval office by force if necessary.

If Vice-President Biden does secure the presidency, the months leading up to his transition, will be the most dangerous time for Americans and their institutions. Americans can expect further dismantling of everything they hold sacred by executive order.

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