God Bless America, Because They Surely Need It

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America confirmed over 63 million times what we knew about race relations in America

With over 60 million votes casted for President Donald Trump it makes you wonder what the hell were Americans thinking.

When Trump was first elected, many Americans thought it was a rebuke of Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration, and felt little had to do with race.

God Bless America, Because They Surely Need It

Now with over 60 million votes casted to re-elect President Donald Trump, it is clear America has a race problem. The world has always known America has a race problem particularly with the black and brown community. With over 60 million votes casted, it is clear the problem is deeper than what was already confirmed.

Trump has been a xenophobic race-baiting monster that continues to sympathize with white supremacists, violent law enforcement officers even after they have beaten and murdered many unarmed Black Men.

With those alarming facts coupled by the president’s disastrous managing of the Coronavirus, Americans still found him fit to be the Commander in Chief.

God Bless America, Because They Surely Need It

America is broken and any thoughts and hopes of it being fixed under a Trump Administration is not possible. Even if Vice President Biden was to be elected the 46th president of the United States, the racism that is rampant in America will outlast his presidency generations of presidents to come.

As of now, there there are still millions of ballots that have still not been counted, leaving the election results still up in the air.

God Bless America because they surely need it.

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