Charles Olsen, Former Firefighter And Now Front Runner to fill Flegel's Vacant Seat
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Charles Olsen, Former Firefighter And Now Front Runner to fill Flegel’s Vacant Seat

Ward 10 Gets the Perfect Candidate that is the most equipt to lead in the middle of a pandemic. Olsen’s expertise is public safety and emergency response planning.

Ward 10 will look very different come November 9th. With the retirement of incumbent Councillor Jerry Flegel and the redrawn Ward maps, Ward 10 will have an new Councillor for the first time in many years.

Charles Olsen, the former Deputy Fire Chief in Estevan and current Englewood resident is an ideal candidate with the experience and management skills to serve as the Ward 10 Councillor the very day after the election. With 30 years of surveying and thorough understanding of how city planning works, coupled with his expertise on public safety and emergency response planning, Olsen will be a Councillor likely tapped to chair the most important committees at City Hall.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to threaten the livelihoods of many small and family run business, along with increasing infections and death tolls in the city and across the country, Ward 10 will have the added security of knowing their new Councillor has the training and expertise to handle a pandemic.

Olsen’s priorities are to advocate for no tax increases while the city recovers from the impact of COVID-19. He will work to move forward on the future development of the former “Capital Pointe”, the former site of Taylor Field and the empty rail yard on Dewdney Avenue.

Ward 10 residents can count on Charles Olsen to be approachable and accountable with their concerns. He will be sure to keep their interests top of mind while representing them at City Council.

“I am a hard working, community member who will work for the residents of ward 10 to make the city an affordable place to call home. I will be a hard working representative of the people of ward 10 and work passionately to represent them to the best of my ability.” Said Charles Olsen

Charles is a person of integrity and it shows, as he is not backed by any big organizations or groups. This is because he believes that he works for the people and not the special interest. Olsen has personally delivered his brochures to the majority of the ward because he felt it was important to connect with everyone in the community in order to better understand their concerns, and expectations of their next Councillor.

With only a few days left until election, Olsen definitely the front runner heading into the Regina General Election on November 9t, 2020.

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