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Whole Foods Ban Employees From Wearing Poppies

Ontario Premier to introduce legislation immediately banning any companies from allowing employees to proudly wear poppies

In what can only be called a bizarre and disgraceful act of unpatriotism and blasphemy, Whole Foods bans all employees from wearing poppies honouring the brave men and women who have dedicated their lives to protection our nation.

Whole Foods Market honours the men and women who have and continue to bravely serve their country. We support Remembrance Day in all of our Canadian stores by observing a moment of silence on November 11th and by donating to the Legion’s Poppy Campaign,”

“With the exception of those items required by law, our dress code policy prohibits any additions to our standard uniform.” said a company spokesperson.

“I find it absolutely disgraceful. I find it disgusting. So we’re going to introduce legislation immediately that permits any employee, any employee no matter where you work to wear a poppy, and making sure that no employer can force someone not to wear a poppy.” Ontario Premier Doug Ford

Dr Robert Falcon Ouellette – Member of the Canadian Armed Forces

Former Liberal MP and Chair of the Indigenous Caucus Dr Robert Falcon Ouellette said:

I hope that the president of Amazon #JeffBezos that owns #WholeFoods will reconsider his ban on the wearing of poppies by his employees which commemorates our war dead. The poppy is an incredible symbol of remembrance. The poppy’s origin as a symbol lies in the horrors of the trenches of WWI. The poppy does not celebrate war, but recognizes the sacrifices of all veterans. Every November it becomes an official part of the Canadian Armed Forces Uniform. This seems to be a tone deaf understanding by about the meaning of symbols in Canada.

Dr Ouellette is also a member of the Canadian Arm Forces and has served our country for over two decades as a member of the Royal Canadian Navy.

“Silly mistake.” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

“Lest We Forget”

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