Biden Names COVID-19 Transition Team

Biden Names COVID-19 Transition Team

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Biden will focus on empowering scientists and providing them with the resources to protect Americans

President Elect Biden has announced a dozen of the country’s top scientists will lead his COVID-19 task force. President Elect Biden has tapped former Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy to head the task force. Added to the team is former US Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. David Kessler and Yale University’s Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith.

Biden Names COVID-19 Transition Team

As the US continues to see record number of cases reported daily and an increasing death toll to Americans, there is a sense of urgency to have a plan in place for when he and Vice President Elect Harris officially occupy the White House.

Throughout his campaign, Biden has emphasized the stark differences between how his administration plans to handle the deadly virus. For almost a year, the Trump administration has falsely down played the severity of the virus and has made thousands of inaccurate claims about vaccinations and unverified cures.

The President has been careless in his approach to the lives of the people around him and was hamulated when he and his family had all tested positive for COVID-19. Fortunately for the current President, he has the luxury of having access to the worlds greatest Drs, medicine and healthcare facilities.

The coronavirus task force lead by Vice President Mike Pence has all but disbanded when the country needs it the most. The administration has muzzled the scientists, CDC and promoted a litany of misinformation on cable news and a on social media.

Biden Names COVID-19 Transition Team

As the incoming Commander in Chief, President Elect Biden has vowed to work with the scientists and have daily briefings and updates just as they do in Canada. President Elect Biden has already reached out to Dr Fauci offering his support and full resources of his administration.

Under federal law, the incoming president and his administration are to be given financial resources to aid in the transition process. However, the Trump administration has held back the majority of the resources until the election has been certified and all court challenges have been resolved.
Every president going back decades have made a meaningful attempt to have a peaceful and cordial transition, but not Trump. It is also customary for the loosing candidate to give a concession speech and play a role in united the country, but not Trump.

As the world stands by and once again look to the United States for leadership, they will have a sense of relief to see a stable, conscientious leader sitting in the Oval office.

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