Regina Elects First Every Female Mayor, Sandra Masters
Western Canada

Regina Elects First Ever Female Mayor, Sandra Masters

Master defeated incumbent Mayor Michael Fougere

In its first ever pandemic election, voter turnout was low, which is what was expected. Regina’s City Council saw several incumbents lose their seat and most notably Mayor Fougere.

Heading into the election Masters was polling favourable among voters and appealed to the everyday citizen especially mothers.

“It doesn’t occur to my sons that a woman wouldn’t be a leader,” Masters said on Monday night. 

“It doesn’t occur to my daughter that this isn’t exactly where I should be at this point in time. But the feedback that I get from other parents is one of deep appreciation for the representation.”

Regina Elects First Every Female Mayor, Sandra Masters

With the election of Masters, Regina gains a strong business minded Mayor with a great understanding of community at the grass roots level.

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