The Challenges Of Transporting & Storing The COVID-19 Vaccine
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The Challenges Of Transporting & Storing The COVID-19 Vaccine

Vaccination Transport and Storage System To Help The World Return To Normal

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND, – British engineering firm The Progreso Group has utilized their expertise to create a modular vaccination transport and storage system to assist in the roll out of COVID-19 vaccines. The system will enable the effective transportation and storage of up to 120,000 doses per module at temperatures as low as -130 degrees C.

Arranging the vaccination of the world’s population against COVID-19 will be a global logistical challenge. Even in counties with advanced health care infrastructure, challenges will include reaching those in remote locations, keeping the vaccines at the correct temperature in extreme climates (+/- 40 degrees C) and ensuring a continuous supply for repeat booster administrations.

The Challenges Of Transporting & Storing The COVID-19 Vaccine

The Progreso Group have designed the Progreso Chrysalis Vaccination Storage & Transport System which aims to “solve the logistical challenges of ensuring COVID-19 vaccines get to those who need it no matter where they live.”

The company have used their experience in engineering, manufacturing and implementation of modular and containerized environmental technology to retrofit shipping containers that allow for the safe and effective ultra-cool transportation and storage of COVID-19 vaccines – such as Pfizer which requires storage at -80 degrees C – both nationally and internationally.

The CEO of the Progreso Group Chis McMenemy outlines the features of the System:
“Special features enable the large-scale movement and storage of the vaccine without compromising its integrity. The design has been developed to ensure continuous temperatures as low as -130 degrees C, with all necessary safeguards and functionality built in. From ensuring an uninterrupted power source to safeguarding the heat generated from the refrigeration process is extracted, this is a complete solution for safely and efficiently transporting any COVID-19 vaccine.”

With the race to vaccinate over 66 million people in UK alone, having the required infrastructure will be key in facilitating vaccinations – which could be multiple applications per person.


McMenemy adds: “The design of the our system has been carefully engineered to minimize supply chain disruptions, utilizing predominantly common components, and highly available parts, such as shipping containers, to enable rapid manufacture on a global scale.”

Looking past the needs of the UK, McMenemy highlights the greater challenge globally for vaccination against COVID 19: “To enable the world to return to normal, humanity has to move as one. We are currently looking at cooperating with foundations and governments to allow for our systems to be exported and even license out the design for manufacture around the world.”

The Progreso Group are involved in a variety of industries, with significant experience in the engineering, manufacturing and implementation of modular and containerised environmental technology, stretching back over 10 years.

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