UK Building "The Claw" To Clean Up Space Junk
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UK Building “The Claw” To Clean Up Space Junk

Reading Time: 3 minutes Space is littered with over 160 million pieces of junk Planned for 2025, Clearspace-1 is the first ever space mission dedicated to removing an existing object in orbit, and is a significant first step towards a cleaner space environment. The Clearspace-1 satellite – dubbed ‘The Claw’ – will use a pincer motion to collect debris, Read More…

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Manitoba Premier Pallister Angered by Steinbach Anti-Mask March

Reading Time: 2 minutes The March in Steinbach was filled with stupidity towards a virus that kills. Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister announces immediate financial relief for small businesses through the newly created Manitoba Bridge Grant at Monday afternoons press conference. “The non-repayable grant will have little to no red tape.” Said the Premier. Recipients who have received help from Read More…

A Cervical Cancer-Free Future Is Possible
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A Cervical Cancer-Free Future Is Possible

Reading Time: 3 minutes A Cervical Cancer-Free Future Is Possible WHO‘s Global Strategy to Accelerate the Elimination of Cervical Cancer, launched today, outlines three key steps: vaccination, screening and treatment. Successful implementation of all three could reduce more than 40% of new cases of the disease and 5 million related deaths by 2050. Today’s development represents a historic milestone Read More…

China Donates US$ 1 Million Senegal To Fight Malnutrition
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China Donates US$ 1 Million Senegal To Fight Malnutrition

Reading Time: 2 minutes UNICEF Senegal Representative to the Chinese Ambassador to Senegal As part of the response to COVID-19, China has donated a US$1 million grant to Senegal to accelerate UNICEF’s efforts to improve the treatment of children suffering from severe malnutrition. Senegal is one of six countries receiving financial support within the framework of the China-UNICEF cooperation Read More…

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Canada and Zambia Lead UN Resolution to End Child Marriage

Reading Time: 2 minutes Child marriage is a practice still widely accepted throughout many African Nations Child brides and marriages, continues to be a heinous practice of child slavery and forced confinement. This type of marriage is highly prevalent in African countries. The child brides are robbed of their innocence, childhood and forced to commit sexual acts often with Read More…