Pallister Government seeks authority to spend $500M on COVID-19 response
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Manitoba Premier Pallister Angered by Steinbach Anti-Mask March

The March in Steinbach was filled with stupidity towards a virus that kills.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister announces immediate financial relief for small businesses through the newly created Manitoba Bridge Grant at Monday afternoons press conference.

“The non-repayable grant will have little to no red tape.” Said the Premier. Recipients who have received help from the federal government or other provincial subsidies are also eligible to apply for the Bridge Grant.

As Manitoba hits a national record for COVID-19 at an infection rate of 12%, the Premier indicated if Manitobans do not adhere to the guidelines set for social distancing, tighter restrictions will be in place. This may also include a curfew.

Manitoba Premier Pallister Angered by Steinbach Anti-Mask March

As the majority of Manitobans are doing their best to bend the curve and honour the great work of the frontline staff, Steinbach has become the epicenter of Manitoba’s COVID-19 cases. The recent careless march by over a hundred anti maskers, not only put their lives in danger, but also puts the lives of all healthcare workers, law enforcement and anyone trying to abide by the rules at risk of contracting the virus.

When the Premier was asked about why more people we’re not ticketed at the large anti masker gathering, he responded: “there were several threats that were made to law enforcement and they were not in a position to issue more tickets due to health concerns.”

The Premier classified the anti maskers’ decision as judgements of stupidity. A stupidity that will be felt heavily in their wallet and protestors can expect a hefty fine shortly by mail. While law enforcement was not able to issue tickets, they, however did record the license plates of all the recipients.

” COVID-19 is real, and in a parking lot a block away, people are dying and are being treated in their car because there are not enough hospital beds to treat them.” said to Premier

The Premier struck the right tone with his message of flattening the curve. He could not have sent a clearer message to Manitoba’s.

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman suggested the province do more to address COVID-19 with tighter restrictions. He also wants to see limits placed on the types of goods that can be purchased from Big Box stores to only essential items.

Premier Pallister suggested the city’s mayor provide additional financial resources to a small business as they are in a surplus if he wants to help small businesses.

As Manitoba’s COVID-19 cases continue to rise, the Premier has left the door open for additional financial assistance to small businesses through the Bridge Gap program and additional resources that will soon be made available to Manitoban businesses.

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