Trump Skips G20 Summit on Coronavirus To Go Golfing
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Trump Skips G20 Summit on Coronavirus To Go Golfing

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The world stage will not mix Trump as he exits stage left

US President Donald Trump tuned into the G20 virtual summit for the opening greetings, aired his grievance of the US election being stolen, then exited to play a round golf.

In any other administration, this type of behavior would not only be considered absurd, it would be looked at as an abdication of presidential duties. In the middle of the worst global pandemic in a century where over twelve million Americans have been infected with the COVID-19, Trump is a not show.

Trump Skips G20 Summit on Coronavirus To Go Golfing

Meanwhile, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau concluded his participation in the G20 Virtual Leaders’ Summit, hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and welcomed the conclusions outlined in the G20 Leaders’ Declaration.

“Only together can we tackle the greatest challenges of today and tomorrow, and create a more resilient world that works for everyone. The G20 Virtual Leaders’ Summit was an opportunity to expand global efforts to fight COVID-19, restore economic growth, and combat climate change. ”The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

​In virtual meetings at the Summit, Prime Minister Trudeau highlighted the importance of G20 leadership and coordinated action to beat the COVID-19 pandemic, restore economic growth, and take ambitious action to fight climate change. He also stressed the need to respect and defend the rule of law and human rights, including women’s rights, in order to prevent persecution and mistreatment around the world. Now, more than ever, our global success depends on attaining a better path towards peace, prosperity, and sustainability.

Trump Skips G20 Summit on Coronavirus To Go Golfing

Advocating for the equitable access to vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics to end the global pandemic without the United States, puts the world economy at jeopardy. As Trump’s failed attempt to steal the 2020 election continues to play out on national tv, the G20 leaders will be happy to see him exit the world stage.

During the Summit, the Canadian Prime Minister noted the importance of putting people at the heart of recovery efforts. From creating new jobs to building economic growth that benefits all citizens.

The world must work to rebuild societies that are safer, fairer, and more resilient. As global leaders work towards recovering from the virus, prioritization towards marginalized groups, empower women and youth, must continue while respecting the fundamental democratic principles, including freedom of the press.

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