The GOP Party Is Dead

It’s A mere formality until an official name change to the “GOTP” Grand Old Trump Party

Obstruction, check! Lies, check! Massive spending, check! Election obstruction, check! Nepotism, check! Bullying, Race bating, Inappropriate sexual comments; check, check, check!

Trump has successful gutted and neutered every single member of the GOP. A party that once stood for fiscal responsibility, values and respected the rules of law, no longer exists.

Trump, with the approval of Senate Leader Mitch McConnell has systematically dismantled or manipulated every single department in government to suit the his personal agenda.

From appointing a partisan justice secretary in Bill Barr, to having Lindsey Graham push through a Supreme Court Justice in the middle of an election, the GOP have lost the will to govern. The GOP or now know as the GOTP Grand Old Trump Party. The Party of Lincoln is dead!

The GOTP has shown it is our way or bust. This is never more evident as the world watches the party’s refusal to acknowledge President Elect – Biden as the winner of the election. Never in American history has a president that has lost the popular vote and the electoral college refused to concede.

The GOP Party Is Dead

The GOTP in a pathetic attempt to subvert the will of the people have asked state electors to bypass centuries of election laws and appoint new electors. These electors will be in favour of supporting current president Donald Trump as the winner of the 2020 election.

In a clear attempt of bullying and trafficking in the spread of misinformation, Trump has successfully coerced Michigan electors not to certify the 2020 elections on November 23, 2020. If they do side with the president and remain on the wrong side of history, they can no longer be charged with doing their duty in good faith.

It is also noted that the president is asking the votes not to be certified in the states that were from predominantly Afro American communities.

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