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Canadian Government Commits $1.5B To Lift Remaining Boiled Water Advisories On First Nations Land

The additional $1.5 Billion will complete the remaining boiled water advisories by March of 2021

When the Trudeau Liberals were first elected in 2015, they made a promise to work with the Indigenous community on reconciliation of first nations rights and improve the standard of living on Indigenous lands.

Liberals Commit $1.5B To Lift Remaining Boiled Water Advisory On First Nations Land

One of those promises was to lift all boiled water advisories by the end of their first term in office. Today the federal government has worked in partnership with their Indigenous partners to lift 97 long-term drinking water advisories in First Nations since 2015. As of now, there are 59 long term advisories that are still in place in 41 communities.

“In 2015, this government began working with First Nations communities to improve access to safe drinking water. We will not stop until all long-term drinking water advisories on public systems on reserves are lifted and all First Nations communities on reserves have reliable access to clean and safe drinking water now and into the future. Today’s announcement makes  tangible commitments to support stable and reliable infrastructure, in communities, and so for years to come.” Said Marc Miller Minister of Indigenous Services

The Minister further ads he is hopeful that another 20 advisories could be lifted by the end of December 2020. If that does happen, that will give the government until March 2021 to have the remaining 21 long-term advisories to make on good on their promise of reconciliation.

 “Access to clean drinking water is a fundamental human right,” Said National Chief Perry Bellegarde. He welcomes the additional resources that will eventually put an end to the boil water advisories on Indigenous Lands.

Liberals Commit $1.5B To Lift Remaining Boiled Water Advisory On First Nations Land
National Chief Perry Bellegarde

It goes without saying that the pandemic has significantly delayed the federal governments efforts to reach its goal of lifting all boiled water advisories as promised. That being said, the Minister took full responsibility for not having the all advisories lifted.

“While there have been many reasons for the delay, I want to state as clearly as possible that ultimately I bear the responsibility for this and I have the responsibility and duty to get this done.” Minister Miller

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