Quebec COVID-19 Cases Up 12%
COVID-19 Eastern Canada

Quebec COVID-19 Cases Up 12%

Monitoring the evolution of the COVID-19 epidemic is now crucial in the second wave

QUEBEC, Telbec / – The National Institute of Excellence in Health and Social Services (INESSS) Today maid available the most recent update of the two reports it produces on a weekly basis in support of decision-makers and managers the health and social services network.

The report on the risks of hospitalization shows that:

  • The number of new cases is up (12%) compared to the previous week (9,263 versus 8,246);
  • The increase in cases is concentrated in the greater Montreal area;
  • The number of cases in people aged 80 and over has been increasing over the past 3 weeks;
  • Of the new cases confirmed during the week of November 23 to 29, 2020, 464 are at high risk of hospitalization, which is a 19% increase from the average for the past 4 weeks (389).
Quebec COVID-19 Cases Up 12%

As for the projection report on hospital needs, it highlights the following elements:

  • For Quebec as a whole, projections suggest that hospital capacity should be sufficient over the next month. However, there are distinctions according to the zones;
  • For Montreal and its surrounding regions (zone 1), the number of projected hospitalizations remains high, but generally constant. There should be no overrun of dedicated hospital capacities for the next month;
  • For the other regions (zone 2), the number of planned hospitalizations remains high and slightly increasing. An overrun of dedicated hospital capacity for regular beds still cannot be ruled out.
  • The increase in projected hospitalizations varies according to the regions within zone 2. The room for maneuver of certain hospitals within the most affected regions could become more fragile;
  • These projected increases can be explained in particular by the outbreaks in living environments housing the elderly.
  • As observed last week, fluctuations in the transmission rate in the different regions of Zone 2 persist and generate some degree of uncertainty in our forecasts.

Both reports are available on the INESSS website in the COVID-19 section / Risks of hospitalization and projections of hospital needs. They are updated every week in order to inform the decisions to be made.

The INESSS’s mission is to promote clinical excellence and the efficient use of resources in the health and social services sector. At the heart of this mission, the Institute assesses the clinical benefits and costs of technologies, drugs and interventions in health and social services. 

It makes recommendations as to their adoption, use or coverage by the public plan, and develops clinical practice guides to ensure optimal use. All the Institute’s publications can be found on the website:  .

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