The Government of Canada's $430,000 - 1600°C Trial By Fire
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The Government of Canada’s $430,000 – 1600°C Trial By Fire

First innovation in 2021 at the Forges du Saint‑Maurice National Historic Site

Starting 2021, visitors to Parks Canada’s Forges du Saint‑Maurice National Historic Site is will be offered a new immersive experience in the blast furnace building at in 2021: 1600°C trial by fire. The project, the result of a joint effort between Thinkwell Studio Montréal and Parks Canada, is the culmination of more than three years of collaboration to provide visitors with an immersive and interactive experience that will allow them to learn about the steps involved in producing cast iron.

Designed as a game where they must accomplish six tasks, participants are at the heart of the action. Motion sensors allow participants to activate characters on screen whose actions then mirror theirs. The objective of the game is to successfully perform the various steps required to cast iron. This immersive sensory experience is an opportunity to discover this little-known profession that required a number of abilities, substantial know-how and hard work.

“Developing new and innovative programs and services enables more Canadians, including youth and newcomers, to experience and learn about the rich history of our heritage places. The immersive experience at the Forges du Saint‑Maurice National Historic Site shows that technology and museology can come together to recreate atmospheres and revive certain little‑known aspects of history, thereby giving the past a future.”

The Honourable François‑Philippe Champagne
Minister for Foreign Affairs

This initiative is part of Innovative Solutions Canada’s testing stream and has a total value of nearly $430,000. For Thinkwell Studio Montréal and Parks Canada, the project is a successful collaboration where newly implemented technology will serve to enhance visitor experience at the historic site. 

The 1600°C trial by fire project marks the first step in a series of measures aimed at enhancing the experience provided at the site. Further investments are planned and will be announced at a later date.

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