Multiple Groups Want a Texas Referendum To Succeed From The Union

Multiple Groups Want a Texas Referendum To Succeed From The Union

Texas nationalist movement steps up efforts to gain their Independence

With the Texas Independence Referendum Act’s imminent filing, the Texas Nationalist Movement is ramping up preparations to fight for independence. This week the TNM officially filed their paperwork with the Texas Ethics Commission to form two political action committees to support their efforts.

The Texas Nationalist Movement Political Action Committee (TNM-PAC) will raise money to support TNM candidates for public office and current officeholders who work to carry out the TNM’s agenda for secession from the Union. The TNM plans to use the PAC to help recruit, train, and support TNM members to run for office on both the state and local levels.

U.S. Congressman Randy Weber took to Facebook and signaled his support for Texas independence. He posted a widely-circulated graphic of Texans pushing Texas away from the rest of the United States that has become a go-to for TNM and TEXIT and supporters.

The second is the TEXIT Pac created to raise money for the inevitable campaign to support independence referendum. According to the official webpage, the movement to for Texas to gain their independence has over three hundred thousand supporters backing the referendum.

In wake of the US Presidential election that saw the country elect Democrat Joe Biden as the next Commander in Chief, Texas GOP lead by their Attorney General under the orders of current President Trump, has done everything possible to undermine the election results.

Although the groups for succession appear to be well organized and funded, the likeliness of Texas succeeding from the rest of the union is highly implausible.

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