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Argentina Receives the First Shipment of Russia’s Sputnik V COVID-19 Vaccine

Russia’s Sputnik V was the first confirmed COVID-19 vaccine approved for distribution

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina- The first batch of the Sputnik V vaccine developed by Russian scientists from the Gamaleya National Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology with the support of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) has been delivered to Argentina.

The issues related to the transfer of technology for the production of the Sputnik V vaccine abroad and its supply to Argentina have been addressed with the active assistance from the Russian Direct Investment Fund, headed by Kirill Dmitriev, and the Russia-Argentina Business Council, headed by Andrey Guryev.

On the initiative of the RDIF and the Business Council, numerous high-level meetings of representatives of Argentinian and Russian public and private organizations to discuss best practices to counter the spread of coronavirus took place throughout the year.

The possibility of producing the Sputnik V vaccine in Argentina was first discussed during a September meeting of the co-chairs of the Intergovernmental Russian-Argentine Commission of Trade-Economic and Scientific-Technical Cooperation.

“We are grateful to RDIF, Russian members of the Russia-Argentina Business Council, and particularly its Chairman Andrey Guryev for their efforts that have enabled the start of the largest mass vaccination campaign in Argentina’s history. This is a great and friendly step that confirms a true strategic partnership between our two countries and strengthens trust and cooperation among Argentinian and Russian business circles. This Christmas Eve, brought us hope in such a difficult context,” said Amalia Sáenz, Chair of the Argentine-Russian Business Council.

“The vaccines against COVID-19 developed in Russia are clearly of great interest internationally. Latin American countries are among those most affected by the pandemic. In this difficult environment, supplying a batch of Sputnik V vaccines to our strategic partner has allowed Argentina to follow Russia, which has already begun a large-scale vaccination program against COVID-19,” Andrey Guryev, Сhair of the Russia-Argentina Business Council, said.

“The delivery of the Sputnik V vaccine to Argentina is a truly historic moment and an excellent example of cooperation between our countries. The entire nation watched as the plane carrying the first batch of Sputnik V vaccines landed at Ezeiza Airport on Christmas, giving great hope that this is the beginning of a new era without COVID.

The “V” in the name of our vaccine stands for “Victory,” and we wish the people of Argentina a decisive victory over this disease. We support the decision of the Argentine government to include our vaccine in its national portfolio,” commented Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund.

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