Assault Of An Inmate At Atlantic Maximum Security Penitentiary
Atlantic Canada

Assault Of An Inmate At Atlantic Maximum Security Penitentiary

RCMP investigation launched into inmate assault

OnJanuary 7, 2021at about 5 p.m., an inmate was found to have been victim of an assault at Atlantic Institution, a maximum security federal institution. The injured inmate was evaluated by staff members and transported to an outside hospital to receive treatment.

The Blackville detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the institution are presently investigating the incident. The assailants have been identified and the appropriate actions have been taken.


In an unrelated matter, Tommy Beaulieu, an inmate from Stony Mountain Institution died while in our custody.

At the time of his death, Mr. Beaulieu had been serving a sentence of 10 years, 5 months and 7 days for aggravated assault of a peace officer, breaking and entering to steal firearm and robbery with violence since May 13, 2020.

As in all cases involving assault and death of an inmate, Correctional Service Canada (CSC) will review the circumstances. CSC policy requires that the police and the coroner be notified.

The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) will investigate the circumstances of this incident and continue to work with the police. The safety and security of institutions, their staff and the public remains the highest priority in the operations of the federal correctional system.

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