Today Marks The 73rd Anniversary Of The Flag Of Quebec
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Today Marks The 73rd Anniversary Of The Flag Of Quebec

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The fleur de lis, symbol identifies Quebec’s rich identity.

QUEBEC, Today Premier François Legault, and the Minister of Justice and Attorney General Simon Jolin-Barrette highlight the 73rd  anniversary of the fleur de lis, symbol of our rich Quebec identity.

On January 21, 1948, the Quebec flag was hoisted, for the very first time, at the top of the central tower of the Parliament Building. It then replaced the flag of the Royal Union (Union Jack), and became our national emblem of Quebec.

Today Marks The 73rd Anniversary Of The Flag Of Quebec

“Our flag is a source of pride that unites Quebeckers. Today, we must remember that this pride in being a Quebecer can carry us very far. Even when we go through more difficult times, we must hold on to our pride. That’s what will push us to pick ourselves up and come out even stronger. Let us be proud of Quebec and of our flag. “ François Legault, Premier of Quebec

“On Flag Day, we invite Quebeckers to underline the emblem of our nation. The fleur de lisé is the worthy representative of our commitment to our culture, our values, our language. It reminds us of the struggles of our predecessors and inspires us with the strength necessary for those we wage today. As Minister responsible for the Quebec Flag and Emblems Act, I am proud to mark this day. ” Simon Jolin-Barrette , Minister of Justice

The flag of Quebec is made up of two main elements. The first is the fleur-de-lys, one of the oldest emblems in the world, which Jacques Cartier introduced to America by erecting a cross with three fleur-de-lis on the lands of Gaspé, thus taking possession of the territory in the name of the king. from France. The second is inspired by the blue flag with a square white cross, which commercial ships displayed in the time of Samuel de Champlain.

In 1998, Quebec formally established by decree a provincial Flag Day during the celebrations of the 50 th  anniversary of the first raising of its flag. This day was confirmed, in 1999, by the Act respecting the flag and emblems of Quebec. This law establishes the other official symbols of Quebec, namely the coat of arms of Quebec as the emblem of the State, the birch as an emblematic tree, the versicolor as an emblematic flower and the snowy owl as the emblematic bird of Quebec.

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