Another Inmate Dies Of COVID-19
COVID-19 Western Canada

Another Inmate Dies Of COVID-19

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Total inmate deaths within Canadian Prison Institutes now sits at five

On January 23, 2021, an inmate from Willow Cree Healing Lodge died at a community hospital as an apparent result of complications related to COVID-19.

As in all cases involving the death of an inmate, CSC has notified the coroner who will review the circumstances of the death. CSC has dedicated health services and medical professionals in all of its institutions. “We also work closely and collaboratively with local public heath partners and hospitals to provide complete and quality medical care to those who need it and to prevent further spread of COVID-19.” In a statement from CSC

Willow Cree Healing Lodge

This is the fifth inmate who has died with a COVID-19 diagnosis among federally-sentenced inmates since the beginning of the global pandemic. CSC provides regular updates on COVID-19 tests and cases among federal offenders in institutions.

The Privacy Act allows CSC to release certain information at the time of a death in custody. To provide transparency during this pandemic, CSC is disclosing the deaths linked to COVID-19 while respecting privacy and the protection of personal information by not disclosing the name of the inmate or their personal medical details.

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