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COVID-19 Vaccine Produced In Canada, Begins Clinical Trials

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Providence Therapeutics on pace to begin production of Canada’s COVID-19 Vaccine

Headquartered out of Toronto, Providence Therapeutics begins phase one of its MRNA COVID-19 vaccine trials at its Toronto clinical facility. The news of a vaccine produced within Canada, could not come at a better time. The vast majority of vaccines are being produced in Europe, therefore giving priorities to European citizens. This also comes on the heals of news from the European Union’s announcement to further restrict the export of vaccines to countries outside of its conglomerate.

Currently, all of the vaccines being supplied to Canada come from outside the Country. The Federal Government secured agreements with the major vaccine companies such as Pfizer, Moderna and Astra Zeneca to supply Canadians with tens of million of dosages.

If the Providence Therapeutics COVID-19 successfully passes phase three of its clinical trials, they will immediately apply for emergency authorization of use with Health Canada. The company has secured financial help from the Federal Government that ensures their vaccine will be manufactured in Canada, where Canadians will be first inline to be inoculated.

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