Awesemo - DFS Daily Podcast, A Well Needed Distraction From The Pandemic

Awesemo – DFS Daily Podcast, A Well Needed Distraction From The Pandemic

A great podcast can do a lot for ones mental health and Awesemo’s daily podcast does just that.

TDS NewsDaily fantasy sports (DFS) are a subset of fantasy sport games. As with traditional fantasy sports games, players compete against others by building a team of professional athletes from a particular league or competition while remaining under a salary cap, and earn points based on the actual statistical performance of the players in real-world competitions. Wiki.

The emergence of DFS has spawned a new industry of die hard sports fans that has generated hundreds of millions in new revenue streams for sporting franchises. This sport sport has also allowed the average Joe to quit there day job and become fulltime DFS players. And if you are one of the fortunate ones, you can turn a few dollars into a cool million.

Sports have always been a welcomed distraction from many of the world’s problems, and 2020 showed us how important they were to the mental health of a person.

Awesemo - DFS Daily Podcast, A Well Needed Distraction From The Pandemic

Today we turn our focus to Awesemo, a DFS content site created by the world’s number one player Alex Awesemo Baker. The site is a content rich space the caters to the level of every DFS player. They have the best hosts within the industry and provide live streaming content on various social media platforms.

Tuning into an Awesemo daily podcast is the well needed distraction we need on a daily basis. Their shows are filled with useful information and most importantly, provides more than the daily recommended dose of laugher required, especially in the middle of a pandemic.

We have highlighted a few of the many amazing personalities at team Awesemo that make DFS fun and interesting. Whether it being soccer, MMA, hockey, Nascar or Basketball, tuning into a daily episode of an Awesemo podcast, is a must.

Awesemo - DFS Daily Podcast, A Well Needed Distraction From The Pandemic

EricLindquist AKA Fake Greg – A true sports enthusiast who really knows his stuff which is important when giving out information to loyal listeners. He looks like a guy who should be on the bachelor and apologizes quite a bit, he must be a Canadian.

RynPak – The best dressed member of the Awesemo team and no stranger to taking down big tournaments. Translation, he knows his stuff so pay attention to what he’s saying. Speaking of attention, we are curious what is he always looking at while hosting? It must be very interesting because, we can see he doesn’t have a lazy eye.

Matthew Gajewski – If you are looking for analysis on college basketball, look no further. Stats, field goal percentages, information on where each player went to school from nursery to college, he is the guy. FYI, for the guests thinking of visiting Matt’s bachelor pad, it’s BYOFCPD; Bring Your Own Furniture, Cutlery, Pillow and Dishes because he is practicing the art of minimalism. What the heck, bring your own toilet paper too, just in case.

Producer Jordan– The man behind the scenes that makes the magic happen and plays sound effects on que. However, we have yet to see this mysterious person. Is he even real? Is he Wilson from Home Improvement?

Awesemo - DFS Daily Podcast, A Well Needed Distraction From The Pandemic

Emac – The edler statesman of the Awesemo team and just a super happy and positive person. Emac was one of the initial hosts of Daily Fantasy Sports when it hit the mainstream. His addition to Awesemo brought instant credibility and another fountain of youth. Oops, we mean knowledge.

Ben Rasa/Rezza/The Rza – The soft spoken golf czar who is the favorite host of everyone within the Awesemo family. We are pretty certain it’s because of his laid back personality or maybe it’s because he doesn’t know how to pronounce his last name. There is likely a picture of him hanging within the Awesemo Slack room as employee of the month for the tenth consecutive month. His analysis is spot on, and makes even the novice DFS player confident when constructing a lineup.

Nerd Ass Greg – With a Twitter handle like that, you know he is a smart dude. He is also one of the only members of Awesome who is not on team hat, or Team backwards hat. His analysist is succinct and provides game theory from multiple points of view.

AdamMKaufman – The man with the golden voice made for radio. We are pretty sure he’s the voice of a few movie trailers. If you are looking for a DFS show filled with Sexual Freudian Slips, this one comes with a mouthful of them. When he gets into his DFS rhythm, that’s when slippage occurs, but to his credit, he does try his very hardest to put em back in.

Spags – Arguably the most natural host of the Awesemo team and quick-witted. He is very jovial and can take a jab as good as he gives it. We are positive he was a bookworm growing up because he doesn’t make mistakes reading the daily sponsors.

Josh Englemen – The cerebral of the bunch but yet easily coaxed into some of the craziest bets by Loughy D. From the One Chip Challenge, to the shaving incident and a potential upcoming back tattoo, (wouldn’t rule out a tramp stamp), Mrs. Englemen is likely to come home one day and either see Josh with a shaved head, no eyebrows or sporting a neck tat of Loughy D’s face.

Josh is an important part of the Awesemo team and is the Jack of all trades. His analysis and game theory for lineup building not only simplifies the process, it gives a great insight into the mind of a mass entry pro.

Awesemo - DFS Daily Podcast, A Well Needed Distraction From The Pandemic

Shipmymoney – The architect of The Deeper Dive daily article. This is the most comprehensive, well researched DFS analytic piece of content within the DFS industry, and it’s free. Shipmymoney’s gift of reciting numbers, facts, game theory and predictions is second to none. We are pretty certain he doesn’t sleep and survives on coffee and Redbull.

Loughy D – Well known for hosting the Fantasy Insiders DFS podcast in which we still rank as the G.O.A.T of Daily Fantasy morning shows to this date. When he is not convincing Josh to take an egregious bet, he can be seen anchoring several of Awesemo’s flagship shows. A diehard Sixers fan makes for priceless moments when his team loses, which often leads to a story that leads to another story about his college days and they are comical and priceless. We are certain he will end up as play by play announcer for a big pro team in the near future. A natural born host.

Awesemo – Then there is the Bossman, Alex Awesemo Baker, the number one DFS player in the world. To be great at anything takes time and patients, but to be the best in the world, speaks volumes of the work and dedication required to consistently see your name at the top of the DFS leaderboard collecting six figure pay days.

When Awesemo is not playing DFS, you can see him suiting for the L.A Lakers sporting number #4 and going by the name Alex Caruso. Then there is the laugh, Huh, Huh, Huh, Huh, Huh, Huh, Huh. A monotone laugh that sounds like that of an evil genius or that of a man about to take down a big GPP.

The Awesemo brand has risen through the ranks and now claim the top spot in the DFS industry for reliable content and analysis. They have assembled the best and most diverse personalities to provide daily content that is rich in substance and offer valuable information needed to propel anyone to the top of a big GPP.

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