Quebec's Bill n ° 698 - To Cap High Online Delivery Charges To Restaurants
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Quebec’s Bill n ° 698 – To Cap High Online Delivery Charges To Restaurants

Restaurants have been decimated by the Pandemic

TDS News – The member for Nelligan and official opposition critic for SMEs and innovation, Monsef Derraji, today presented Bill n ° 698 to the National Assembly, An Act to temporarily limit the fees for online ordering services and meal delivery that may be required of restaurant owners.

In the wake of the health crisis resulting from the pandemic, restaurateurs must reinvent themselves and innovate. However, due to logistical constraints and high costs, it is difficult for many of them to offer their own delivery service. Thus, considering the current situation and the significant contribution of deliveries to their turnover, the implementation of a platform set up by a third party has become essential for many owners. However, the commission fees that they have to pay to the third party, to use the delivery service, can go up to 30% of their total income, which greatly reduces their profitability.

Quebec's Bill n ° 698 - To Cap High Online Delivery Charges To Restaurants

 “I am committed to defending the interests of our Quebec entrepreneurs. This is why I am making several public interventions to make the Caquista government aware of the reality of our restaurateurs during the pandemic. Currently, the fees that are imposed by delivery companies can reach 30% of the price of an order. It is exorbitant! I reach out to the government and other opposition groups.

Today, the CAQ can seize the opportunity and take concrete action in support of our Quebec restaurateurs and diligently call for the study of my bill with a view to its adoption. I recall that the National Assembly unanimously adopted, on February 4, my motion to recognize the existence of the weight of delivery costs on Quebec restaurateurs and to recall the importance of legislating for the rest of the state of emergency. “ Monsef Derraji, Member of Parliament

In Quebec, no law governs delivery services for restaurateurs, while Ontario , for its part, recently legislated to regulate charges for businesses that benefit from this service. The official opposition was inspired by this to introduce this bill proposing to limit the commission, which companies can charge, to a ceiling of 15% for delivery costs and an overall limit of 20% for all costs, in confined areas, for the duration of the health emergency.

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