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Saskatchewan Premier Moe Makes Youth Addictions Treatment Priority

Saskatchewan government commits $800,000 to Youth Addictions Treatment Beds To Open In Swift Current

TDS News – Today the Saskatchewan government announced they have reached an agreement between the Southwest Youth Emergency Shelter (SWYES) and Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) for additional youth addictions treatment services in Southern Saskatchewan.

The agreement will provide both inpatient and outpatient services for youth who are experiencing problematic substance use across the province, with the services to be based in Swift Current. This program is a result of an $800,000 commitment in the 2019-20 Provincial Budget.

“More and more youth are struggling with mental health and addictions, so it is especially important that we continue to expand services to better meet their needs,” Mental Health and Addictions Minister Everett Hindley said.  “I’m pleased that SWYES is working in partnership with the SHA to provide much-needed addictions treatment supports to youth in Swift Current, southwest Saskatchewan and across our province.”

Saskatchewan Premier Moe Makes Youth Addictions Treatment Priority

The program will be run out of Dorie’s House, a facility that was constructed in 2016.  The investment in Swift Current includes six residential inpatient treatment spaces, a further four to six outpatient spaces for residents of Swift Current and area and clinical services and educational programming provided by the SHA.

“We are excited to partner with SWYES on this unique approach to youth treatment,” SHA Mental Health and Addictions South West Director Michael Seiferling said.   “The hybrid model of care, which provides both residential and outpatient care, allows us to offer a wider range of supports to a broader range of youth.”

“Our multifaceted approach to recreational wellness and housing not only complements existing supports within the province, but also boosts our provincial capacity to serve the needs of some of our most vulnerable citizens: our youth,” SWYES President Shauna Hanna said.  “I am confident that this partnership will lead to the creation of a centre of excellence unique to our region – one that will do a whole lot of good for a great many families.  We are simply thrilled to begin delivering on this promise.”

Although the additional funding has allowed for an increased capacity, COVID-19 restrictions would still remain in place.

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