U.S Congress Passes 1.9 Trillion Recovery Package

U.S Congress Passes 1.9 Trillion Recovery Package

The Recovery Package passed with little support from the Republican Party

TDS News – The pandemic has devastated world economies and non more than that of the United States. Under former president Trump and Mitch McConnell, the former leader of the Senate, they failed to pass any economic rescue plan to help Americans.

The passing of the Biden Recovery plan will open up the funds needed to open up the economy and provide stimulus cheques to the American people.

U.S Congress Passes 1.9 Trillion Recovery Package

“The numbers speak volumes: 18 million Americans are on unemployment, 24 million people are going hungry, 12 million, Mr. Speaker, 12 million children living in households with food insecurity, and that is a conservative number.  Up to 40 million people cannot pay their rent and fear eviction. 

The time for decisive action is long overdue.  President Biden’s American Rescue Plan is that decisive action.  Tonight, Congress is taking action to crush the virus with a national vaccination program, robust testing, tracing and treatment, more PPE and combating health disparities affecting communities of color disproportionately. 

We are putting money in workers’ pockets.  Eighteen million Americans will receive Unemployment Insurance.  Forty million Americans will receive nutrition assistance.  Twenty-seven million children will receive help through an expanded Child Tax Credit.  Fifteen million low-wage workers will receive Earned Income Tax Credit, and millions and millions of more – other people, in addition, will receive the direct payment. 

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi

We are putting children safely back in schools with a $130 billion investment in re-opening schools and making up for lost learning and to do so safely.  And we are putting people back into jobs by supporting our most vulnerable small businesses, particularly those owned by minorities and women, and protecting the jobs of our heroes, health care workers, transit, sanitation, food workers, police and fire, our first responders, our teachers, our teachers, our teachers and more.

More than a year ago – more than a year into this pandemic and economic crisis, the American people need to know that their government is there for them and, as President Biden has said, ‘Help Is On The Way.” Said Speaker Nancy Pelosi

The House voted with the absence of over a dozen Republicans who chose to attend the Trump lead CPAC conference. Those House members wanted all the credit of passing the recovery bill without voting because it was proposed by the Democrats.

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