God Speed Texas, God Speed Mississippi
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God Speed Texas, God Speed Mississippi

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Texas & Mississippi Republican Governors Declare Pandemic Over

TDS News – Governor Abbott of Texas and Governor Jonathon Tate Reeves of Mississippi have prioritized their own personal re-election campaigns over that of the safety of their citizens. Repealing all mask mandates and all businesses can now fully open without restriction, is as stupid as it gets.

To declare no more COVID-19 safety protocols are as reckless and dangerous as it gets in politics. Texas and Mississippi have some of the highest rates for COVID-19 infections and deaths within the United States and are among the states that rank the lowest in vaccinating there citizens.

Under Trump, America never had a national vaccination plan which lead to over 500,000 American deaths. And now as vaccines start to make its way into the arms of Americans, Republican led states are playing politics with the lives of Americans.

Trusting science has never been a prevailing point of view of the vast majority of Republicans which is why Red States have been a disaster handling the pandemic.

As spring break is just around the corner, there could not me a more reckless time to declare the pandemic over and declaring a state of normalcy.

God Speed Texas, God Speed Mississippi

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