François Legault Accused Of Stonewalling Election Reform Bill
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François Legault Accused Of Stonewalling Election Reform Bill

Reform of the voting system – Detailed study of Bill 39 must begin now!

TDS News – MP for Matane-Matapédia, parliamentary leader and Parti Québécois spokesperson for the reform of democratic institutions, Pascal Bérubé, is impatient to see the start of the detailed study of the draft law n o  39, an Act to establish a new voting system . “If the government does not move immediately, it will be too late for the next general election,” he warned.


  • The Parti Québécois is urging the government to call as soon as possible the detailed study of the bill n o  39, on the reform of the voting system.
  • The new political and parliamentary reality in Quebec makes it necessary that we thoroughly rethink our voting system.
  • Carrying out this reform before the next general election was an electoral promise of the CAQ.

Like the Mouvement Démocratie Nouvelle (MDN), the Parti Québécois urges the CAQ government to really launch the reform of the voting system, as it had promised. “We have waited long enough. The CAQ must honor its commitment and offer Quebecers a new voting system, regional mixed proportional, which will better reflect the will of the population. In Parliament, the new multi-party reality requires it, ”first argued the parliamentary leader.

Pascal Bérubé recalls that it was François Legault himself who established the roadmap in 2018. “The candidate for the post of Prime Minister had given his word: elected, he was going to carry out this long-awaited reform. Let him move now; everyone is ready, ”he said.

The Chief Electoral Officer warned that if election reform was not addressed soon, time would run out and that any reform would not be in effect during the next general election. “Not acting is the equivalent of encouraging cynicism. Does François Legault want to pass for the one who shies away? I don’t think so, ”concluded Pascal Bérubé.

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