A Quiet Easter, But Still Plenty Of Reason To Be Thankful
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A Quiet Easter, But Still Plenty Of Reasons To Be Thankful

Easter is a time to celebrate and reflect

TDS News – Easter is traditionally a time to come together and celebrate family, friends and life. Although the pandemic has made the idea of coming together physically difficult, we are still finding ways to embrace each other. Whether it being a throw back to simple times with a phone call or a Zoom call to loved ones, we all have a more profound sense of the meaning of life.

To all the people of the world that has lost a loved from the pandemic, natural causes and injustices of all kind, we want you to know, they will never be forgotten. Take this time to find comfort in their memories knowing that they would would want you to forge ahead and make new ones.

The pandemic will not last for ever and memories may fade, but the time you spend with the people who are most important, will last for ever.

Happy Easter

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