Proceeds Of Crimes In Quebec Becoming Lucrative Business In Need Of Cash
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Proceeds Of Crimes In Quebec Becoming Lucrative Business In Need Of Cash

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$2 million to support 49 crime prevention projects

The Deputy Premier, Minister of Public Security and Minister responsible for the Capitale-Nationale region, Ms.  Geneviève Guilbault, announces that a sum of $2 million will be used for continue to support 49 projects, led by 41 community organizations, to prevent delinquency and crime among young people aged 12 to 25.

“Thanks to the financial support provided to these 49 projects, we are strengthening our targeted prevention actions with young people who are vulnerable and at risk of becoming involved in delinquency. Our community organizations are invaluable partners in intervening directly with them. It is by establishing trusting relationships that it is possible to instill in them the desire to fulfill themselves in a positive way. This is a gain for the whole community. ” Geneviève Guilbault, Deputy Premier

The Funding Program from the Sharing of the Proceeds of Crime (PFIPPC) finances projects that respond to the prevention strategy recommended by the ministry, namely street or community work in the various regions of Quebec.

Since 1996, the law has provided that part of the sums generated by the confiscation of the proceeds of illegal activities or instruments used to commit a crime must be redistributed to community organizations dedicated to crime prevention.

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