Ontario In Crisis - Ford To Declare Full Provincial Lockdown
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Ontario In Crisis – Ford To Declare Full Provincial Lockdown

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Ontario is going backwards while other provinces are flattening the curb

There has been many criticism of Premier Doug Ford’s handling of the global pandemic as cases in Ontario continue to rise while other provinces are flattening the curb. It is expected in today’s 2pm press conference, Ford will announce strict measures on Ontarians only weeks after they have been relaxed.

The government is under fire for what many experts are calling a severely botched attempt at rolling out the vaccination initiatives and lack of having a clear plan for mass immunization. As details of the expected provincial wide lockdown are still to emerge, the Premier is seeing his approval rating plummet to all time lows.

Ontario In Crisis - Ford To Declare Full Provincial Lockdown

As the speculation of a spring federal election begins to look more like a reality for 2021, Ford should be extremely worried about his chances of re-election in 2022. In the last federal election, the Liberals painted then conservative leader Andrew Scheer as another version of Doug Ford and he became a lightening rod for political fodder.

Governing is a difficult task and governing in a global pandemic just enhances the degrees of difficulty for any leader. We can only hope that Premier Ford and the people around him, understand that in the middle of a pandemic, people are looking for not just financial and medical solutions, they are looking for hope, leadership and positive messages.

Waking up every day to negative headlines about the Premier is also a direct reflection on the people in charge of messaging. They also need to understand they are doing a terrible job of instilling confidence in their government at a time when Ontarians need it the most. Further more, they need to understand that if Doug Ford is out of a job, so are they.

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