World's Greatest Mayor Naheed Nenshi Will Not Seek Re-Election
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World’s Greatest Mayor Naheed Nenshi Will Not Seek Re-Election

Nenshi could be making a possible run for a federal seat

In 2010 Harvard academic Naheed Nenshi surprised Calgarians and the rest of Canada by becoming the first Muslim Mayor of a major Canadian city. To his credit, his campaign was seen as the first real mobilization of social media to elect a mayor. Nenshi’s historic win was done by him garnering 39% of Calgarians votes for Mayor.

In 2013, Nenshi was re-elected with 74% of the votes and won was again re-elected in 2017 to a third term with 51% of the vote. Nenshi’s popularity and had earned him the worlds best mayor in 2014 and his announcement on April 6, 2021, that he would not seek re-election came as a shock to many Calgarians.

Many political pundits have been speculating for years Nenshi will eventually make the leap to federal politics and now may be the right time. After serving three terms as Calgary’s Mayor, Nenshi is keeping is next move very close to his flower covered vest.

If Nenshi does make the leap to federal politics, he would be a shoe in to win any seat if he runs as a Conservative and certainly a front runner to lead the party. If he runs for the Liberals, he would have name recognition and a bit of an uphill battle in a sea of blue but doable.

Whatever path Nenshi chooses, the people he will serve will be better off knowing they have a bonafide, genuine human being putting their interest first.

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