Conservatives Tough Sell To Canadians They Are The Party To Tackle Climate Change
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Conservatives Tough Sell To Canadians They Are The Party To Tackle Climate Change

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Conservatives Want To Replace Carbon Tax With Their Own Tax

For years the Conservative Party of Canada has levied bold accusations against the Trudeau government for being out of touch with Canadians for implementing a carbon plan. A plan that was ultimately challenged in the Supreme Court of Canada by the Provincial Conservative Premiers.

The Conservative Premiers argued that it is up to the Provinces to set the agenda for climate initiatives. In a ruling handed down earlier this year, the Canadian high court ruled it is within the Federal governments purview to implement environment initiatives of national concern.

The Conservatives have always been seen as a party that has generally denied the impact of climate change and the need to implement any real environmental measures. In the recent Conservative policy incubator they refused to add the line within their policy book “climate change is real.

With the inevitable expected fall of the Liberal government within weeks, the Conservatives have sent up smoke signals that they are the party best equipped to handle climate change with their plan. The plan will tax the big polluters and see Canadians pay a carbon levy at $20 per tonne of greenhouse gas emissions on the purchase of carbon based fuels.

The Liberal government plan saw rebates to Canadians, where the Conservatives will set up a personal low carbon savings account, which still have many questions more than answers as to how they will work. With the election just around the corner, it is highly probable that it remains a tough sell by O’Toole led Conservatives, they are the best party to tackle climate change. Image credit O’Toole Twitter feed

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