Can The Liberals Projected $101 Billion Budget, Survive A Vote Of No Confidence?
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Can The Liberals Projected $101 Billion Budget, Survive A Vote Of No Confidence?

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Liberals delivered their first budget in two years since the start of the global pandemic

In times of uncertainty, budgets and fiscal responsibility are always questioned by parties in an opposition role. They are also seen as a necessary casualty that is expected when there is no end insight to an uncontrollable peril, natural disaster or in this case, a global pandemic.

Yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland who also serves as Canada’s Finance Minister unveiled the first budget in two years by the Liberal government. The budget is projected to be $101 billion dollars over three years and filled with promises to increase funding for affordable housing, green jobs and a $30 billion dollar commitment to creating a national child care program.

The budget is filled with pre election promises that will appeal to many Canadians in the middle class especially, those who are at the poverty line. Depending on who you speak with, the budget did not go far enough to support the fossil fuel industry, a national pharma care initiative and lacks stronger climate change regulations.

One thing is certain about budgets, no one will get everything they want, but they will get something they need. The Freeland budget could likely be the last of the current Trudeau administration. The Conservatives and Bloc Quebecois have already signaled they will not support any Liberal budget, and the NDP signaled they are disappointed with the budget, but will likely prop of the Trudeau government for a second time to avoid a vote of no confidence.

If the government does fall, Canadians will be heading for a spring pandemic election. An election where the opposition parties are already posturing for Canadian voters by indicating they were forced to bring down the government. This is a decision that could be costly, seeing as the Liberal government has a 38% approval rate among Canadians.

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