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Ontario Closes Borders To Neighouring Provinces

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Ontario’s strict lockdown has borders closed to Provincial Neighbours Manitoba and Quebec.

At the height of the global pandemic, Canada, just like the rest of the world, put in place measures to prevent travel from coming in and going out of the country. Although there has been some uproar in sealing of our borders from international travel and our neighbours to the south, never would we have predicted a border restriction for inter-province travel.

Ontario has been rocked by a third wave of COVID-19 coupled with several variants of the virus. The Ford government has taken a lot of criticism in the manner he has handled the pandemic, to the point were Ontarians are asking for the Federal government to step in and provide oversight to his administration

Although healthcare falls under the Federal jurisdiction, the Provincial Premiers have been provided with guidelines and leeway as to how they can best implement their pandemic strategy in accordance the federal mandate. While Ontario, continues to be the new hot spot for COVID-19, it remains important to note that a lot of the guidelines are trial and error, as nobody could of predicted the magnitudes of the virus and the devastation it would leave on the world.

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