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Quebec Superior Court Upholds Bill 21 & Rules In Favour Of Religious Symbols Ban

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Quebec Superior Court Rules In Favour Of Secular Bill 21

Bill 21 has been seen as racist and out of touch with Canada’s multicultural society. It is also seen by many ethnic minorities as a violation of their Charter of Rights and Freedom. Bill 21 has a direct impact on Muslim women and prevents them from wearing a hijab in their place of employment. The Bill also know as The Quebec ban on religious symbols, extends to police officers, prosecutors and all public employees are banned from wearing religious symbols in their place of employment.

The bill was introduced by the Coalition Avenir Québec on March 29, 2019. The Bill also requires one’s face to be uncovered to give or receive specific public services. Although the Superior court mainly ruled in favour of upholding the majority of the secular law, it did strike down sections pertaining to English educational institutes, as it would violate their minority language rights under the section 23 of the Charter of Rights and Freedom.

Todays ruling only shows the division that still exists in Quebec by religion, race and language. Although there are things to celebrate by the government, it will almost certainly be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

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