COVID-19 Daily Records Puts India In Grave Peril
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COVID-19 Daily Records Puts India In Grave Peril

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India in desperate need of oxygen as record levels of COVID-19 cases increase daily

The worlds second-largest population is in grave peril. India’s population sits at just over 1.4 billion people and is setting daily COVID-19 records for infections. Today India recorded over 350,000 new cases in one day, shattering its previous daily records.

India also happens to be the worlds largest COVID-19 vaccine producer and are facing a shortage of vital vaccines need to keep 1.4 billion safe. Not only is India facing a vaccine shortage, but they are also in desperate need of oxygen and have placed calls to world leaders for help.

American and other first world countries have signalled their willingness to help a country in desperate need and have begun to mobilize huge sources of oxygen to export. Without fresh oxygen, India has been forced to mass cremate many citizens that have died from the COVID-19.

As the virus continues to spread out of control, travel restrictions are being put in place for people travelling to other countries. Countries like Canada have recently put travel restrictions in place for India which is unlikely to be lifted anytime soon. To put it into perspective, Canada still has the border closed between its closest neighbour, America, and has no time frame for re-opening.

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