Illegal Anti-Mask Protest In Winnipeg, Forces Forks Market To Shutdown
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Illegal Anti-Mask Protest In Winnipeg, Forces Forks Market To Shutdown

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The illegal protestors put the lives of patrons and employees at risk when they chose to purposely break the law

Over the weekend hundreds of COVID-19 anti-maskers illegally protested at the Forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba to voice their dismay in keeping Manitobans safe. The illegal protestors total disregard for public safety and lack of understanding of the severity of COVID-19 can attribute to stupidity and ignorance!

The illegal protestors want the COVID-19 restrictions that are put in place to minimize the spread of the virus lifted. All Manitobans want the COVID-19 restrictions lifted, but the ones with common sense and respect for life understand why they are in place. And, the fact this even has to be said, shows how far removed the illegal protestors are from reality.

With close to 150 million people infected with COVID-19 worldwide, and over 1.2 million dead, now is not the god damn time to be illegally protesting or holding large demonstrations. Just because you feel wearing a mask violates your right to self-expression, it’s time to smarten up and give your head a serious shake.

If you so desperately want to hold large gatherings, and violate the laws put in place to keep everyone safe, use Zoom, join a Facebook group, troll people on Twitter or be a keyboard warrior. Lastly, do it at your house, in your driveway and keep the spread of infection away from the public.

And when you get infected, not if… But when. I want you to truly consider if you should be asking for help. You chose to be irresponsible. You chose to put your health at risk. You do not get the right to put the brave first responders and healthcare workers at risk because of your stupidity and selfishness. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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