President Biden Begins The Tough Task Of Reuniting Migrant Children With Families
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President Biden Begins The Tough Task Of Reuniting Migrant Children With Families

Biden Administration Begins This Week to Reunite Families Separated Under the Prior Administration

Under the Trump administration, immigration was a humanitarian crisis. Immigrants from certain countries were looked upon negatively. Immigrants from African countries were said to be coming from unfavourable destinations, while Mexican immigrants were considered to be murderers and rapist according to former US President Trump.

During his administration, Mexican immigrants were held at the US and Mexico border in the most inhumane conditions. Families were held in what many considered makeshift cages and parents were routinely separated from their children. As part of the Biden administration, he promised to reunify the children that were unjustly separated from their family.

“The Family Reunification Task Force has been working day and night, across the federal government and with counsel for the families and our foreign partners, to address the prior administration’s cruel separation of children from their parents,” said Secretary Mayorkas, who serves as the Chair of the Task Force. “Today is just the beginning. We are reuniting the first group of families, many more will follow, and we recognize the importance of providing these families with the stability and resources they need to heal.”  

“In February, President Biden signed an Executive Order establishing the Interagency Task Force on the Reunification of Families (Task Force) to identify parents and children separated by the prior administration. The order directed the Task Force to implement comprehensive strategies that will bring families back together and ensure the families are provided support.   

While coordinating all these efforts, the Task Force is also exploring options for long term legal stability for reunified families and identifying and recommending policies to avoid repeating these unnecessary and cruel separations in the future. The Task Force has made critical progress in a short period of time, resulting in reunifications starting this week and many more in the weeks ahead. ” Said the department of Homeland Security

Every year millions of immigrants hoping to make it to America chasing the elusive American dream. Depending on who you speak to, the American dream is freedom, while others see it as financial independence. In the last four years, neither of those dreams were feasible under the previous administration. However, with the new administration, the elusive American dream is feasible.

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