Alberta Premier Kenney Signals Tighter Restrictions Are Coming In Wake Of The 3rd Wave Of COVID-19
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Alberta Premier Kenney Signals Tighter Restrictions Are Coming In Wake Of The 3rd Wave Of COVID-19

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Alberta’s COVID-19 restrictions have been the most relaxed when compared to other provinces.

In a press, conference yesterday afternoon, Alberta’s Premier Kenney signalled tighter restrictions will be in place to curb the spread of the virus. While many provinces have successfully fend off the third wave of the virus our at best kept it at bay, Alberta saw a huge spike in its daily cases.

“We can have, on paper, the hardest lockdown imaginable, and if… a large share of the population isn’t following that, it doesn’t matter,” Said Kenney

Alberta’s rate of infection has seen as many as two thousand new cases per day, which surpasses India’s 100,000 per day on a per capita basis. The province of Alberta is hurting, from devastating annual natural disasters and a natural gas industry that has been on the downturn with no clear indication of when it will rebound.

With that being said, the Alberta government has some of the most relaxed COVID-19 measures within Canada despite seeing what neighbouring Provinces have done to slow the curb. There are no playbooks for governing in a global pandemic of this magnitude, just as there are no guarantees if the average family can financially survive without declaring bankruptcy.

Premier Kenney held out as long as possible when it came to tightening COVID-19 restrictions at the request of many middle-class Albertans, especially those within the service industry. Now Albertans are paying the price for that decision to keep non-essential amenities open during the pandemic.

It is too late for Albertans to fend off the third wave because it has arrived and caused havoc throughout the province. With Kenney’s plea to Albertans to take the virus seriously, only time will tell if the oil-rich province gets consumed by a fourth wave of COVID-19.

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