Introducing Mr Gabriel Banica, Leader Of The Local Party Of Canada
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Introducing Mr Gabriel Banica, Leader Of The Local Party Of Canada

The Local Party Of Canada proposing policies that are bold and resonates with Canadians

  • Correction update – We inadvertently listed Mr Banica’s title as Facility Director in writing and in the initial broadcast, Mr Banica’s title is Facilities Manager at the City of Montreal.

If you don’t know who Mr Gabriel Banica is, you surely will by the time the next federal election is called, which may not be too far away. Mr Banica has served his country honourably, he is highly educated, with multiple masters degrees and currently is the Facilities Manager at the City of Montréal’s, sustainable water management division. But most importantly, he is the leader of Canada’s newest federal political party “The Local Party of Canada.”

The Local Party of Canada is putting forth policies that are not only bold but very forward-thinking, they are policies that resonate with all Canadians. One of those policies would be to cap the salaries of elected officials and freeze increases during years of deficits. 

Another policy would be to implement a Universal Basic Income to be distributed monthly to all households within Canada. “A stable source of income in an inclusive society that decreases poverty increases the middle class, reduces stigma, encourages employment, enables better mental health, reduces public health costs and gives the right to live in dignity.” Said Mr Banica

The idea of a minimum basic income has been floated around for decades by all parties but never implemented. In 1970, Manitoba came the closest to implementing a Universal Basic Income “Mincome.” The small city of Dauphin, Manitoba gave residences an annual income of $16,000 Canadian over a four year period. And within that time frame, poverty was drastically reduced. Sadly the Provincial government chose to scrap the program at the end of its trial.

Mr Banica also believes Canada should have universal childcare, adopt the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, UNDRIP, gradually decriminalize all drugs, provide Universal Dental, greater protection for our LGBT2Q community and enact policies that strike a balance between climate change and the labour force while implementing a four day work week.

Mr Banica’s vision for Canada is ambitious and would need to be costed but, if you want to be the leader you should have the audacity to think big picture. Although the Local Party of Canada is headquartered out of Montreal, they will not limit themselves to only representing the Province of Quebec. They plan to have candidates represent all ridings within the country.

Mr Banica did not disclose the total number of memberships of the Local Party of Canada but indicated they are close to having the required amounts needed to form official party status. “If you want to be Prime Minister of Canada, you need to represent all of Canada.” Said Mr Banica

This is a far departure from the Bloc Quebecois, who is a federal party, but only represent the interest of Quebec. This is also the type of sentiment that has often alienated Quebec from the rest of Canada. This begs the question, why do the people of Quebec, continue to vote for a party whose leader could never be Prime Minister?

Mr Banica plans to run in his home riding of Dorval Lachine LaSalle, which is currently represented by the popular Liberal incumbent, Anju Dhillion. Mr Banica said, “I know the tough task ahead to try to unseat an incumbent, but I welcome the opportunity to represent the people of my community.”

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