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Manitoba Moves To Online Learning As Infections Rise Among School-Aged Children

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Online learning will remain in place until the end of May

Manitoba reported over 500 cases of COVID-19 over the mothers day weekend, prompting the provincial government to raise the pandemic level to critical. According to the pandemic response team, 20% of new cases are in school-aged children.

Last week health Canada approved the Moderna vaccine for children age 12 and up, which is a significant move towards herd immunity. This announcement could not have come at a better time as Alberta’s COVID-19 cases surpass 2,000 daily infections. Alberta has also had over 40,000 cases of infected school-aged children which are among the highest in the country.

There continues to be indignation about vaccinating children, but according to the American Health Department, there have been nominally reported symptoms as they have already vaccinated over 2 million children. With the pandemic level hit critical, schools are back to online learning effective Wednesday, May 12. The decision to go into full lockdown still remains unpopular with many parents who are forced to finding childcare but keeping Manitoba rates of infections low continue to remain a priority.

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