Over 8.2 Million Canadians Are Diagnosed With Hearing Loss Annually
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Over 8.2 Million Canadians Are Diagnosed With Hearing Loss Annually

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The Government of Canada committed $732,052 to improve hearing loss technology

According to Stats Canada, an estimated 8.2 million Canadians experienced mild hearing loss between the ages 40 to 79. Men were also 63% more likely than women to lose their hearing between the ages of 40 to 59. With a huge population of Canadians experiencing hearing loss, there has been a constant push for improved technology to measure and treat this symptom.

“Today, Andy Fillmore, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Infrastructure Member of Parliament for Halifax, announced contributions totalling up to $732,052 to Audioptics to help further develop its imaging technology and establish manufacturing capabilities.

Research and development play important roles in continuing to create non-invasive healthcare solutions for Canadians and people around the world. That’s why Audioptics Medical is working to test, develop and prototype the Ossiview Middle Ear Imaging system to help clinicians provide safe and accurate diagnoses to people experiencing inner ear conditions.” Office of the Minister of Economic

“We greatly appreciate the support of ACOA in our efforts to improve diagnostics for ear disease. The funding received through the Regional Economic Growth through Innovation program will allow us to complete a planned run of prototype imaging systems and to put this made-in-Nova Scotia technology into the hands of our worldwide network of clinical collaborators. This is a critical step in proving the abilities of our middle ear imaging technology and to getting it adopted into clinical practice.” – Dan MacDougall, CEO, Audioptics Medical Incorporated

MacDougall also added, the with increased funding, Audioptics will be in a position to create six full-time jobs while improving on its design to meet international standards. “The prototypes will help the company validate its manufacturing processes, creating jobs and helping to grow Halifax’s life sciences ecosystem.

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