National Nursing Week Is A Small Jester To The People On The Frontlines

National Nursing Week Is A Small Jester To The People On The Frontlines

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Canada’s nurses have been working around the clock to keep Canadians safe and vaccinated

Honouring nurses across the globe with International Nursing Week is only fitting considering they along with members of the health community have been the backbone keeping the health system afloat. As an essential worker, nurses are at the back of the line when it comes to taking time off for family and mental health. Their tireless effort on the front line is not only heroic, but it is also admirable as they continue to put the lives of their country members first.

“This has been especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic. We know and understand the emotional and physical toll the pandemic is taking on nurses, given they play a critical role in care delivery across the health system. Even though nurses are fatigued, they are showing true leadership and selfless passion by helping people heal in a very stressful situation.” B.C Adrian Dix, Minister of Health

In speaking with an E.R nurse who spent a year of the pandemic working in one of New York’s busiest emergency rooms, recalled her time as absolute hell. “It was hard to get used to seeing trailers of dead bodies in the parking lot. I was exhausted, I was working over 14 hours a day, 6 days a week and it still was not enough. We just couldn’t keep up with the volume of infections.”

As Canadians, we benefit from a world-class healthcare system that ensures we are on a path to herd immunity. We can only hope everyone who still believes the pandemic is just a myth and continue to ignore the pandemic guidelines, can take a step back and acknowledge the significance of International Nurses Week.

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