Israel & Palestine On The Brink Of War
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Israel & Palestine On The Brink Of War

The two nations have been fighting for over 73 years and no end in sight

Peace between Israel and Palestine is achievable only if both parties are willing to make major sacrifices at the negotiation table, without the help or interference from outside parties like the United States. Palestine and Israel have been at war for 73 years and with the current escalation in the region, talks of peace are inconceivable.

For over 73 years, there have been many attempts to broker a lasting peace agreement between both nations, but they have all failed. Although there have been temporary pauses to the extreme violence in the region, the current situation of airstrikes by Israel and rocket attacks by the Palestinians, signals both nations are on the brink of a full out war.

“I am extremely concerned by the growing conflict in Israel and Palestine. Once again we are seeing how the irresponsible actions of government-allied right-wing extremists in Jerusalem can escalate quickly into devastating war.” Said Senator Bernie Sanders

The cause of the escalating tension in the region can be traced back to the forced expulsion of Palestinian families from the occupied East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah. Pro Israel settler organizations have been fighting to remove Palestinians and segregate the region for over fifty years.

Palestine and Israel will forever be at war full stop. If the death of children and destruction of communities and businesses are not a deterrent, nothing will ever bring peace. In the region, power is the currency and elected officials place more emphasis on having it and ruling than do they on peace.

No one gets everything they want in a negotiation, but everyone gets something they need, and until both nations have bold leaders that are transcendent, peace in the region is nothing but words for the “men” calling the shots to remain in power.

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