Manitoba's COVID-19 Vaccine & Testing Among The Most Efficient In The Country
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Manitoba’s COVID-19 Vaccination & Testing Process Are Among The Most Efficient In The Country

More Manitobans are opting to be vaccinated as vaccines become more readily available

At the start of the global pandemic, Manitoba had reported the lowest cases of COVID-19 in Canada, and at one point were in serious talks of hosting the Canadian Football League in a bubble scenario similar to that of the NBA. Several geographical factors contributed to the low cases in the province; one being the population is not as dense as other provinces, and the other being it is not an international transportation hub for plane arrivals and departures.

Whereas provinces like British Columbia and Quebec saw high cases of COVID-19 at the start of the pandemic and has struggled to keep them low while fending off third and fourth waves. Those provinces serve as Canada’s main hubs for international travel by land and sea, making them more susceptible to COVID19.

While Manitoba still had its challenges fending off the second and third waves of COVID-19 cases, many can be attributed to citizens disobeying COVID restrictions and holding large gatherings. That being said, Manitoba’s testing and vaccination process appear to be operating with a high level of efficiency in comparison to other provinces.

In most instances, Manitobans can book their vaccination and testing online, and be accommodated the same day. After speaking with several Manitobans that have been tested and vaccinated, they found the online booking process to be simple and has experienced nominal issues with lineups and service locations. Furthermore, many Manitobans that have gone for recent testing for COVID-19, have received their results the next day.

At the start of testing and vaccinations, Manitobans have faced long lines, but they were not the only provinces immune to these challenges.

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