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Education Property Rebate Cheques Go Out To Manitoban’s Next Week

Nearly $248 Million in Rebates will Provide Tax Relief to Owners of More Than 600,000 Properties: Fielding

TDS News – The Pallister government campaigned on a plan to save Manitobans money and in a global pandemic, every bit counts. Just recently Manitobans received a rebate cheque from the Manitoba Public Insurance and now additional rebate checks for property taxes are set to go out next week.

“Our government promised to start phasing out the education property tax in 2021, which will return nearly $250 million this year to Manitobans who own homes, farms and businesses,” said Fielding. “The education property tax phase-out represents the largest tax savings in Manitoba history and protects Manitobans’ hard-earned incomes by offering much-needed tax relief.”

Close to 658,000 Manitoban households qualify for rebate cheques at an approximate $248 million dollars which were included in budget 2021. With the recent passing of new legislation, Manitobans will not be required to apply for a property tax rebate, as they will automatically be mailed to their location of residence.

“By keeping our promise to begin phasing out the education property tax this year, we are fulfilling our $2,020 Tax Rollback Guarantee one full year ahead of schedule,” said Fielding. “We are modernizing Manitoba’s tax structure and this rebate will be paid for entirely by government so it will not affect funding to schools.”

For years the Manitoba government has talked about cutting taxes and reducing what it has dubbed wasteful spending. depending on who you speak with, or what part of the political landscape you lean, what the government considers to be inadequate spend is subjective. One thing everyone can come to an agreement on is the fact Manitobans will be receiving a rebate at a time where some are in need of it most.

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