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3 Of Canada’s Most Gifted Athletes Hail From Winnipeg

Joshua Farber, Sean Sevillano Jr and Trae Tomlinson – The Gifted

Twenty years ago the prospect of Canadian high school football players competing against the best All American Athletes was virtually impossible. And for the very few that were fortunate to attend an American College to play football, a few did so on a full scholarship or to an Elite NCAA Division 1 powerhouse school.

Fast forward a couple of decades and the upper echelons of the elite American Colleges are turning to Winnipeg for talent to fill their programs. What has changed? We reached out to Brad Black one of the founding members of Recruit Ready, who was also one of Canada’s most decorated collegiate athletes and went on to play in the Arena Football League.

Brad Black – Recruit Ready

Since the time of its inception, Recruit Ready is credited for securing a staggering 160 athletic scholarships for Winnipeg football players to attend Canadian and American Universities, with 10 of them coming from elite Division 1 NCAA programs.

“We only want the best for our athletes and it starts with a good education. That is why all of our recruits are not only academics, they are also respectable individuals and team players. We select the best athletes in Manitoba and prepare them for success at the highest level possible.

“We are fortunate to be funded by so many amazing organizations in Manitoba, like Playing 4 A Purpose that is headed by former NFL and Blue Bomber Alumni Kelly Butler. Organizations like those allow us to offer our program free of charge, so our athletes can focus on their education and developing their skills.

“Recruit Ready is successful because the parents of our athletes are supportive and are the best motivators and influencers that we can ever ask for. We also have the best coaches in Canada which are comprised of former NFL, CFL and collegiate greats, such as Dave Donaldson, Blair Atkinson, Nic Demski, Adam Bighill and Boyd Barrett to name a few.” Said Brad Black

To be an elite athlete you have to work hard, train harder than your competition and be born with natural physical abilities and genetics that puts you in a class all by yourself. Today, we focus on three of the countries elite football players all from Winnipeg, who kick off our series called the gifted. Joshua Farber, Sean Sevillano Jr and Trae Tomlinson

Joshua Farber – Mr All Positions

We begin with Joshua Farber, AKA Mr all positions and we say that in awe. Joshua started out his early football career with the North Winnipeg Nomads and absolutely dominated the competition week after week. Joshua’s football IQ is elite and coupled with his patients and natural ability to read a defence is beyond his youth.

“Josh is a once in a generation talent, he is bigger, stronger and faster than the competition. He is a natural leader, he never loses focus or his cool in pressure situations, and he is the first person to extend his hand to pick up the quarterback of the opposing team after he has sacked him for a ten-yard loss.

Joshua Farber – 90 Yard Touchdown Run

“Joshua was putting up stats on the football field you would only see in video games. A regular game for Joshua would be something like two or three touchdowns on offence, one defensive, maybe another one on special teams, 5 QB sacks, a few extra points, a field goal, a couple of fumble recoveries, twenty tackles and around three to five hundred all-purpose yards.

“His character is impeccable, his talent is beyond gifted and he will no doubt go on to have an amazing career in football if he chooses.” Said Coach Martin, Former Nomads Head Coach

As a grade 9 athlete, Joshua had his pick of high schools to attend and chose St. Johns, home of the tigers. As grade niner, Joshua was the starting running back on the varsity team and also played on the O – line and special teams. Joshua was named Manitoba 2019 rookie of the year for his outstanding achievements and named as a member of Team Manitoba’s U16 team.

Sean Sevillano Jr – The Unstoppable

Sean Sevillano Jr, every quarterback’s absolute worst nightmare. Sean stands tall at six-three, 305 pounds of solid muscle and he is only going to get bigger, stronger and faster as he enters his freshman year on a full scholarship to Clear Water International in Florida, one of America’s top high school for elite, gifted athletes.

Sean Sevillano Jr

Sean Jr also started his football career with the North Winnipeg Nomads and to say he was unstoppable, would be a drastic underrepresentation of his on-field dominance.

“When Sean Jr lined up in the running back position, one of two things usually happened, he ran for a first down or scored a touchdown, and in both instances, the opposing players were bouncing off him or he was dragging several of them into the end zone as he was impossible to tackle. And when he lined up on the D line, it was a pretty much-guaranteed quarterback sack or a tackle for a loss.” Said Coach Martin, Former Nomads Head Coach

Sean Jr later went on to play out of the Eastside Eagles where he was a standout on a loaded team of all-stars and played an integral part of their 2018 undefeated championship team. Sean Jr’s athletic achievements continue to pile up earning him defensive and offensive player of the year twice, 2019 Minor Football MVP and was named to his school’s all academic honour roll.

Sean Jr being recruited by the top football programs in North America, is expected said Brad Black of Recruit Ready. He further added, “Sean Jr has the drive and work ethics of champions and will be starting on the D line the day he walks onto the field at Clear Water International.

Not only will Sean Jr hold his own, but he will also excel as he is already been playing against the best high school football players in North America, and training against former collegiate and pro football players.

Trae Tomlinson – All Canadian Shutdown Corner & Free Safety

Trae Tomlinson, the lightning-quick All Canadian shutdown corner and free safety that checks all the boxes for elite and gifted athletes. Not only is he cerebral, but he also has the athletic pedigree and physical build of what coaches are looking for at the collegiate level.

Trae started his football career playing out of the storied St. Vital Mustangs program. The Mustangs for years have been arguably the top minor football program in Manitoba and has produced a long list of talented athletes. As a Mustang, Trae’s blazing speed and physicality were put on full display weekly as he ran past the competition and scored touchdowns with ease while locking down his opponents’ top receivers.

Trae’s athletic ability stretches well beyond football, he is also a 100m sprint champion and is an all Canadian academic. Trae’s ability on the football field made him one of the most highly recognized athletes heading into high school and was poised to excel at that level, which he did handily.

Trae continued on his stellar career at St. Paul’s Academy, which also happens to be one of the countries premiere private schools for academic and athletics. Trae’s addition to the St. Paul Crusaders roster just made a perennial championship juggernaut even more dominant at the high school football level.

Trae’s performance on the football field and in the classroom earned the Winnipeg native a slew of athletic scholarship offers from top American Colleges, even though he did not get to play his final year of high school due to the pandemic. Humbled by the many scholarships to play at the top US institutes, Trae will be reclassified as a high school senior and play out his final year of eligibility at Clear Water International Academy, and team up with Sean Sevillano Jr at one of America’s elite football programs.

“Sky’s the limit for Trae once he completes his final year at Clear Water International. The hard part for him will be which NCAA Division 1 school he chooses to attend. I will be genuinely shocked if Trae is not invited to an NFL camp after he completes his collegiate career. “Said Brad Black of Recruit Ready.

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