Get The Facts About COVID-19 Vaccines
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Get The Facts About COVID-19 Vaccines

Reading Time: 2 minutes Canada hopes to have the vast majority of Canadians vaccinated by the end of the fall (NC) As the vaccine rollout continues throughout Canada, you may have questions you want answered before you get the vaccine. Learning the facts can help you make an informed decision. Here, we tackle common questions you may have, using Read More…

Snap Election In Syria Draws Concern From International Community
Middle East

Snap Election In Syria Draws Concerns From Global Affairs Canada

Reading Time: < 1 minute Syria’s election will be held without the observation of the international community Today marks a snap controversial election called by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to the dismay of the international community. Al-Assad has been president for two decades in a country that has seen civil wars, corruption, a crumbling infrastructure, extreme poverty and the mass Read More…

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UK Sets Site On Middle East Peace Talks

Reading Time: 2 minutes UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab meeting with leaders of Palestine and Israel to discuss details of the ceasefire TDS News – Ceasefires rarely last and with the current one in place between Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory, it is more like a pause. The world wants to be optimistic, but we have also seen Read More…