Snap Election In Syria Draws Concern From International Community
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Snap Election In Syria Draws Concerns From Global Affairs Canada

Syria’s election will be held without the observation of the international community

Today marks a snap controversial election called by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to the dismay of the international community. Al-Assad has been president for two decades in a country that has seen civil wars, corruption, a crumbling infrastructure, extreme poverty and the mass exodus of millions of its citizens to neighbouring countries.

Canada denounces Syria’s decision to hold presidential elections tomorrow, May 26, amidst ongoing human rights abuses and grave violations of international law perpetrated by the Assad regime. Free and fair elections will not be possible until an inclusive constitution is drafted that can form the basis of a credible pathway towards a political settlement or transition, in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 2254 (UNSCR 2254).” In a statement from Global Affairs Canada

The outcome of the Syrian election has already been predetermined and without the observation of international officials and the lack of a constitution, the results of the pending election will never be accepted by the G7 and the European Union.

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