15% Of Quebec Adults Have Developed Antibodies To COVID-19
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15% Of Quebec Adults Have Developed Antibodies To COVID-19

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Her immunity is possible, but only if everyone does their part and get the COVID-19 vaccinated

Herd immunity is the ultimate goal of every provincial government as it signifies a sign of normalcy is on the horizon. Although there continue to be many holdouts in receiving the COVID-19 vaccination, it has not halted the efforts of the government to convey the importance of being inoculated.

In Quebec and study completed by the HémaQuébec in collaboration with the National Institute of Public Health, estimates the proportion of adults in Quebec to have developed antibodies to the COVID-19 virus at 15% at the end of the second wave of the pandemic last March.

In a statement from the Héma-Québec, they said, “These people have developed these antibodies after being infected with SARS-CoV-2 since the start of the pandemic or after being vaccinated. Excluding people who received the vaccine, about 10% of the population developed antibodies due to infection. The data also confirmed that the vast majority of people vaccinated have developed antibodies against the virus. This second study involved a sample of 7,924 people aged 18 and over who donated blood between January 25 and March 11.”

The study further added, they found only a small portion of people tested developed an immunity to COVID-19, which only amplifies the need for everyone to get vaccinated. If we are to reach a level of herd immunity everyone must play their part in the vaccination process.

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